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Year of the Ox – Riding a Buoy

Year of the Ox – Riding a Buoy

Annette Arlander — Year of the Ox – Riding a Buoy

This performance is archived and will not be performed again.

Categories: Archive, Durational Performance, English, Site-specific Performance, Solo Artists, and Video Performance


The performance was created for camera in 2009 and presented as a video in 2010 (50 min. HD 16:9). It can be shown as a video, a two channel video installation or as a live performance where I ride some suitable object next to a projection of the video.

of performance for camera:

A rust-coloured scarf wrapped around my shoulders, I sit on a buoy on the island of Harakka in Helsinki approximately once a week over the course of a year from 25 January 2009 to 6 February 2010. The buoy is also videoed without me on the same occasions.

of live performance in variable venue:

1) I start the video projection 2) I mount an object that resembles the buoy in the performance space 3) I ride the object for the duration of the video (50 min.) 4) I climb down and stop the video.