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Veera Lohiniva performing Watering (Kastelu) in Galleria 3h+k, Pori, as part of the exhibition by Aleksi Matikainen.

Veera Lohiniva — Watering

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Categories: Body Art, Booking Service, Durational Performance, English, Movement-based Performance, Object Performance, and Solo Artists

Premiere: June 14th 2018, Galleria 3h+k, Pori, Finland.

Duration: 2 hours


Be fragile, but strong. Walk forward, but already stand at your destination. Keep on watering the flowers.

For this performance, I placed different glass containers filled with water on the gallery floor, and on the other side of the room, fresh rosemary plants. I filled a drinking glass with water by dipping it into one of the containers. Holding the glass in my hand, I started to take steps towards the plants, counting my breaths from one to ten, taking one step at every ten breaths. It took me about 20 minutes to reach the plants. When doing so, I sat down and drank all the water from my glass. Then I took one branch from the rosemary and placed it on the floor. After that, I stood up and walked at a normal pace to the water containers. I dipped the drinking glass into the water and started again. This went on for 2 hours. Finally, when the gallery personnel came to inform that the time was up, I collapsed on the floor and poured the water on my hair.

The premiere of this performance was organised as part of the exhibition by Aleksi Matikainen, in Galleria 3h+k, Pori, Finland.