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Staying Alive

Staying Alive

Kikka Rytkonen — Staying Alive

Categories: English, Participatory Performance, and Sound Art

Premiere: 29.4.2017, London.

Duration: 10 minutes. Can also be lenghtened to 20 min.

Video: Includes 2 glimpses of the performance.

Price: 500-1000 €


A white sminked and dressed person enters the space. She has a household paper roll hanging on her chest.

She puts down the small white bucket hanging in her hand.

The sound track starts with the sea and seagulls.

The person starts reading the story written in the paper roll, slowly rolling it. It tells about the ancient mythical island of Atlantis.

The sound changes to a bit rhythmical wooden sticks playing and the guitar starts. The person sings the refrain of the song Atlantis several times.

She takes the paper roll from her neck, takes the bucket and enters still singing to the audience. She deals out ice-cubes and a flyer to everyone. The flyer includes small quotes about the state of our planet in changes of the climate and continuous wars.

The  sound track carries us together through the apocalypse, but the remedies are being dealt. 

In the end the person goes back to where she started from, looks at the audience and goes away. In the end the sound returns to the beginning: the sea and the seagulls screaming.

Staying alive is based on an old legend, which became a worldwide hit as Donovan´s song in 1968. It tells a story of a sunken island of Atlantis. In those days it was the symbol of the counterculture moment with the hope of love and peace changing the world to a better place – reaching mythological Atlantis. Kikka Rytkönen brings the myth to our present situation, danger of ending up sunken, below the ocean. The performance is an apocalyptic trip together with the audience. Soundtrack and singing will take us through the threats, but remedies are being dealt out.