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Sounds like Jacob

Jaap Klevering — Sounds like Jacob

Categories: Movement-based Performance, Solo Artists, Sound Art, and Video Performance

Premiere: November 2015, Joensuu

Duration: 60-75 minutes


Price: 500-1000 €


Sounds like Jacob is an exploration of what happened and what has become.Based on a regularly updated video diary it contains material dating back to 1964. The audience picks a year in a random order. A video starts to play. A performance begins.

Sounds like Jacob is about how events seem random and shape identity. It is an attempt to escape the rigidity of the timeline. Changing the order in which events occur could offer new insights and help understand underlying motivation for cause and result.

Sounds like Jacob is a dialogue with the past that takes place in the present. It’s aim is not to explain that past, but to embrace some of the embodied memory associated with specific events or moments in time and let that evolve in the here and now with the potential of shaping the future.