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”Protest 1”

”Protest 1”
Body wrapped up in cotton fabric for 15 minutes. Photo: Zenzele Chulu, 2005

Baaba Jakeh Chande — ”Protest 1”

This performance is archived and will not be performed again.

Categories: Archive and Solo Artists


Protest is a series of action art which is a kind of silent encounter that goes on through my work process … between reality and vision. Reality always seems to happen after vision but in this work, reality is preceding, trying to influence a vision and causing it to be. But again there is always a vision before … I can not keep this action within myself for too long but to reveal this encounter in a form of action and by using my body as material or tool, I cause it to take on metaphysical values in multiple dimensions and become present in a form of sculpture or some object in space.

Nurturing it through a process of time and memory.