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Butterfly wings for ugly men over 50

Butterfly wings for ugly men over 50
Performance Aulis Harmaala 2016_Miehet perhosten siipiä sovittamassa

Aulis Harmaala — Butterfly wings for ugly men over 50

Categories: English, Participatory Performance, and Solo Artists

Premiere: Lappeenranta, 5000m2, 1. March, 2016

Duration: 2 tuntia

Price: 500-1000 €


Participative installation with butterfly wings.

This work was presented in the joint exhibitions ArsAuttoinen, Padasjoki and 5000m2, Lappeenranta 2016. It invites the audience to dress up as a butterfly. The work focuses on the debate about  age, gender and outlook. The performance can be presented only with ethical guidelines agreed with the artist and the collaborator in advance. Participants will have the opportunity to purchase the butterfly wings for their own use.


paper and cartoon made butterfly wingsmirrorstandposter