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JOUKKOVOIMA performanssi // FORCE POWER performance

JOUKKOVOIMA performanssi // FORCE POWER performance
Yleisö osallistuu, kaikki heinäseipäät jo käytössä / The public participates, all the stakes for drying hay are being used. © Laru Performance Group

Laru Performance Group — JOUKKOVOIMA performanssi // FORCE POWER performance

This performance is archived and will not be performed again.

Categories: Archive, Community Art, Durational Performance, Movement-based Performance, Object Performance, Participatory Performance, and Work group

Premiere: 27.08.2010, Helsinki Taiteiden yö, Auroran kenttä

Duration: 3 hours


The performance is simultaneously a performance and an interactive art space. Dressed in brown clothes, the performers produce a variety of simple movements with or without stakes for drying hay, which give thoughts, ideas and associations to the viewers to participate in a “traditional groupwork” performances. Gradually, the movements will gather force, inviting the public to participate. That collective force, a combination of work and fun, results in shapes, the direction of which is not defined in advance. Diversity of movements and shapes is an indication of FORCE POWER. Scriptwriter Anu Miettinen.