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Antti Ahonen

Leena Kela — Grace

This performance is archived and will not be performed again.

Categories: Archive, Durational Performance, Participatory Performance, and Solo Artists


Performance is constructed as a peep show, where the spectator drops a coin into a little hole on the front wall and that opens the peeping slot for one minute. The spectator can also put on the headphones, where one can hear heavy breathing (of a wolf). Inside the performance space there is a woman dressed in costume made out of sequins and wearing a wolf mask. A disco ball is attached on the ceiling and it lights up the space with its rotating movement. The same light reflects from the dress of the performer when she is moving around the pole placed in the middle of the space. The elements and actions performed reflect the gaze of the spectator and the rotating light bit differently every time. Every performance is personal, but at the same time anonymous for the each spectator, since only the one watching can know what she or he saw in the performance. The performance was inspired by the gig of Grace Jones at the Flow festival in summer 2009 and is part of the series of performances examining the human and animal behaviour, their similarities and differences.