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A Day with a Tree

A Day with a Tree

Annette Arlander — A Day with a Tree

Categories: Durational Performance, Site-specific Performance, and Video Performance

Premiere: 24 May 2019

Duration: one day from morning until evening (according agreement)

Price: 1000-1500 €


An ongoing series of performances.

I am spending a day with a remarkable or interesting tree. I document the day by video recording the same gesture from the same perspective once every hour and edit the material into a time-lapse video. The commissioner can propose a certain tree, and choose whether the audience can participate in the day with the tree on location or not.

The first version was Day with Old Tjikko 1-2 

Some kind of preliminary versions of this series are the following video works based on performances for camera  The Tide in Kan Tiang (2016), Grey Day in Rekdal (With a Downy Birch) (2017), Sunday with a Pine (2017).