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Do You Wanna Dance With Me?

Do You Wanna Dance With Me?
Third part of the video-performance series Do You Wanna Dance With Me? Filmed in Södertälje Sweden 23.7.2013.

Anja Helminen — Do You Wanna Dance With Me?

Tämä performanssi on arkistoitu, eikä sitä esitetä enää.

Kategoriat: Arkisto, Liikelähtöinen performanssi, Videoperformanssi, ja Yksilötaiteilija

Ensiesitys: 16.11.2012, Helsinki Finland

Kesto: 30 minuuttia


Materiaalit: video camera

Tilavaatimukset: about 10 x 10 meter space inside of the buildning, outside and in the street no limit.


Do You Wanna Dance With Me? is a video-performance series I have been working with since 2012. First part was filmed in Helsinki(Fin) 2012, second part in Tampere(Fin) 2013 and third part in Södertälje(Swe)2013, and it is going to qontinue. In the performance I´m asking people in the streets if they want to dance with me. Dance-styles are all different in the performances, depend on who is the one I´m dancing with. Dance is based on communication between the leader and the follower.

Live-action premiere was in Helsinki Finland 16.11.2012 and video-performance premiere was in Stockholm Sweden 16.2.2013.