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Äänikkuna – SoundWindow

Jaap Klevering — Äänikkuna – SoundWindow

Kategoriat: Äänitaide

Ensiesitys: 2015, Ahjo! Alue15 exposition, Joensuu art museum

Kesto: 30 min.


Materiaalit: sound, paint, glass

Tilavaatimukset: 2x2 meter area, for example gallery space

Hinta: <500 €

Synopsis Painting on glass creates sound that inspires more painting.Live sound & painting performative installation.Length: 30 min.

It creates sound on plexiglass that is captured with a contact microphone and digitally manipulated. The sound is created with water and paint.

One of the audience is asked to be ”model”. This person may just sit there, not as a model, but as a normal audience.

The result of each performance is a painted plexiglass window. The painting is given to the ”model” as a reminder and thank you.